IJABME Manuscript Submission Guide


TheInternational Journal on Applied Biomedical Engineering(IJABME) is published bi-annually annuallyby ThaiBME Society. Contributed papers must be original that advance the state-of-the art and applications of Biomedical Engineering. Both theoretical contributions (including new techniques, concepts, and analyses) and practical contributions (including system experiments and prototypes, and new applications) are encouraged. The submitted manuscript must have been copyrighted, published, or submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere, except in a conference proceedings. The manuscript text should not contain any commercial references, such as company names, university names, trademarks, commercial acronyms, or part numbers. Not accepted material will not be returned.


Submission Due
Authors should document their work in relation to the open literature. The following limits on length (A4 size) should be observed.
- End of March, for January-June issue.
- End of September, for July-December issue.    

Authors should document their work in relation to the open literature. The following limits on length (A4 size) should be observed.
1) Regular papers, up to 12 pages in length, including figures and illustrations.
Correspondences, less than 3 pages in length, including figures and illustrations.

Styles for Manuscript
1) The manuscript must be in English.
2) Provide a carefully worded abstract of 150 to 300 words for regular papers and less than 150 words for correspondences. Name, address, and telephone number of author(s) should be organised on a cover page.
3) The style for organization of a paper can be found in the manuscript template file.

Form and Submissions
1) The manuscripts itself
2) Cover Page: should include
- Paper title
- Paper category (regular paper or correspondence)
- Full name of all authors
- Name and address of the key author whom proofs and other correspondence can be sent
- Keywords (duplicate from the paper)
- Abstract (duplicate from the paper)
- Date of submission

1. Authors are encouraged to submit their paper in electronic form via the IJABME website. Manuscripts must be in the form of ps or pdf files. In any case of difficulty, the manuscript could be also attached to standard emails.
2. Authors who are not convenient to submit paper in electronic form, hard copy formatted is also appreciated. Authors are to send four copies of the manuscript.
3. Original illustrations (could be also good resolution image files) must be ready for immediately submission upon acceptance of the manuscript. In the case of regular papers, also be prepared to provide a brief technical biography and photograph of each author.

Where to Submit
Electronic version
of the manuscript must be submitted online via this website.

Review Process
The review process usually takes three to six months. The author is then notified the decision of the editor based on the reviewers' recommendations. Authors may be asked to revise the manuscript if it is not accepted or rejected in its original form. The un-accepted manuscript will not be returned to authors.

Page Charges
Free of charge for all accepted manuscripts.

It is the policy of the ThaiBME to own the copyright to the published contributions on behalf of the interests of ThaiBME, its authors, and their employers, and to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others. To comply with the Copyright Law, authors are required to sign a copyright transfer form before publication. This form, a copy of which appears in this journal, returns to authors and their employers full rights to reuse their material for their own purposes.